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Sinergy 1kVA / 12V inverter for homes and offices featuring all the latest technological improvement known. Built to exceed your expectation for an inverter of its capacity, it is designed to deliver a 99.99% performance efficiency, dwarfing other known brands in the area of performance, reliabilty and guaranteeing maximum protection for your appliances and batteries as well as being designed for a fully automatic operation. With its advanced Auto Sense Intelligent Control (ASIC) technology, you can be rest assured that you are in charge and everything is under your control.

Sinergy 1000VA/12V (1kva) inverter offers the advanced pure sine wave technology of the Sinergy range of inverters. They’re designed to world-class standards, delivering best-in-class performance. Some of the key features of the Sinergy inverter range include:
– Advanced Auto Sense Intelligent Control – a boost for maximum performance
– Pure Sine Wave Technology – quality power delivery to keep your equipment safe
– Automatic changeover to inverter mode – frees you from manual interventions
– Battery Indicator for Charging/Overload Status
– 100% Protection for all Appliances


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