Famicare Inverter 1KVA/12V

34,000.00 32,000.00

Famicare Intelligent 1Kva/12v inverter is a highly efficient sine wave inverter suitable to power your basic loads such as T.V, Decoder, bedside refrigerator, Sound system, lightings, laptops, phones, fans etc. of one, two, or three rooms. It is suitable to use at home or in the office.Avoid frequent Power supply outage by using Famicare Intelligent 1KV.

1. UPS FUNCTION: It will change to city power (NEPA) supply, once city power comes. It will automatically change to battery supply immediately the city power is off and there is no interruption time.

2. CHARGING FACILITY; it is combined with in-built charger, which can charge your battery with power voltage from low voltage of 130v to high voltage of 250v

3. PROTECTION: Auto protects from both high and low city power voltage. It won’t over heat & spoil even charge with long time low voltage. And it will cut off automatically from high voltage

4. QUIET WITHOUT NOISE FEATURE: The inverter fan will stop running when the battery is fully charged. The fan will stay still when there is city power supply, and city power will be used directly.


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