About Us

Boffes Energy Ltd. is a renewable energy company in Nigeria, providing clean, sustainable, affordable, high quality smart energy solutions.

Our Committment

We are committed to providing bespoke electrical and renewable energy solutions for interested individuals, organizations… as such meeting clients expectations in a timely manner.

Who we are

Welcome to Boffes Energy, your reliable, dependable, sustainable power solution provider and the future of clean Energy.

Expert team

We have a team of highly skilled, competent engineers that deliver / install clean, affordable, sustainable, reliable power for homes, Institutions, organizations, hospitals, companies, rural or urban settlements in the most effective strategic and friendly way Nationwide.

Happy Customers

Our top strategic priority is a good customer experience and as such, we provide our customers a top notch affordable, reliable hassle free service, delivering promptly and educating them on how to make the right choice of power plan that meet their expectation.

We provide sustainable energy services for small, medium and large scale businesses across our target markets.

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